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SNOKART Airliner Packing Cubes Bag Set

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Part of SnoKart's range of Airliners, the Airliner Packing cubes are lightweight and robust, keeping contents clean and organised. Packing cubes have revolutionised travel, and the concept is easy and beneficial.

  • 3-sizes to fit most common clothing and accessories - 5l, 8l & 12l
  • Constructed to the highest standards with ripstop fabric, which is waterproof, strong & lightweight
  • Clear front panel to quickly check contents
  • Sized to fit perfectly as a single later inside SnoKart roller bags
  • Machine washable

Keep luggage contents clean, organised and crease-free; the revolutionary packing cube concept has changed packing. Items can be organised into individual packs, reducing the volume, increasing available space and speeding packing time.

Constructed from a ripstop fabric which is waterproof, robust and lightweight, The three Airliner packing cubes are sized to be suitable for most common clothing and accessories. The 5l, 8l & 12l open entirely using high-quality zips and feature a clear front panel to check contents quickly.

The SnoKart Airliner Packing Cubes are a genuine innovation that makes travelling easier; they offer versatile packing solutions and fold and pack down, so can be stored away effortlessly.


Travel bags in imagery sold separately.

Size Volume Dimensions Weight







36cm x 36cm x 9cm

25cm x 36cm x 9cm

16cm x 36cm x 9cm