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Rivington Alpine

Booster Strap Intermediate/Advanced

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Booster Strap was founded in 1999 by Ray Fougere. Today ski athletes of all disciplines and levels use Booster straps because it’s elastic properties enhance the boot’s properties and hence their competitive performance.

The Booster Strap wraps around the boot cuff top to secure the lower leg, eliminating the need to over-tighten buckles or laces. The Booster instantly improves ski and snowboard control by dynamically "bonding" the calf to the boot, providing increased rebound power and turn initiation precision. All Models have a metal cam buckle for super-easy closure.

Booster Straps give you the maximum ski boot performance, extraordinary ski control and shin protecting shock-absorption.

This Booster Strap replaces the power strap around your ski boot to link the liner, tongue and shell together to give you a positive and quick transmission from leg to foot to ski. Not only does the Booster Strap improve comfort but it also aids performance into the turn and saves wasted energy as the strap aids the rebound out of the turn. Also useful as an aid to reduce volume around the leg and shins.

  • Two elastic bands. Ideal for intermediate skiers or lighter racers


Expert/Racer Level Strap also available here.