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Rivington Alpine

Atomic Backland 95 23/24

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Lightweight and highly stable, the all-round touring ski Atomic Backland 95 features a lower-impact design built to reduce CO2 emissions while skiing it all.

Built for touring the entire mountain, the all-round Atomic Backland 95 is a ski that strikes the perfect balance of light weight uphill efficiency, and wide stability underfoot to confidently rip lines that catch your eye from the skin track. A reinterpretation of the original Backland, the new ski construction significantly reduces CO2 emissions by 30% with the use of locally sourced poplar wood, less fiberglass and resin, and waste-reducing sidewalls. The result is a lower-impact design that creates a lighter, stronger ski with more soulful performance. The All-Terrain Profile uses a new natural-wood-to-fiberglass ratio to change the thickness curve of the ski and add torsional stiffness – for enhanced climbing and optimized downhill performance on harder snow surfaces. HRZN 3D – the next generation succeeding original HRZN tech – features a uniquely beveled three-dimensional tip that further improves float in powder and handling in variable snow conditions. For the ultimate touring set up, choose an Atomic PreFit skin to match.

Weight single piece (g) / Size (cm) : 1370 / 177
The Lightweight HRZN 3D Tipples thin perforated material for better float in deep snow.
More wood and less fibreglass create a ski shape offering greater versatility in any ski terrain.
Poplar wood core optimising the ski's weight without compromising the ski's stability.
Fibreglass layers create a ski that is smooth and stable while remaining lightweight and dynamic.

Directional Shape

Minimal tail rocker for more edge contact creating better grip and stability.

Dura Cap Sidewall

Sidewall from base to top sheet for great edge grip, with a rounded shape for increased durability.

Glossy Topsheet

A glossy topsheet gives your ski a polished, glassy finish for a super-sleek high-end look.

All Mountain Rocker 15/85/0

Ski profile for on or off piste. Early rise in the tip, or in tip and tail for total versatility.

Side Edge Angle: 87°

A side edge angle of 87° for more intuitive handling, easier skiing and better grip.

Base Edge Angle: 1.0°

A 1.0° base edge angle for easy turning, excellent edge grip and aggressive tracking.