Existing Boot Refitting Appointments - From £100

If your boots were purchased from us within the last 2 years your refitting will be free of charge. If you purchased the boots elsewhere then there is a charge fro this service from £100 and we will not do refitting appointments for boots not originally from us at weekends.


What to expect when you book and attend an Existing Boot Refitting Appointment with us for modification to existing ski boots:


Please only book this appointment type if you have purchased the boots from ourselves. If you have purchased the boots elsewhere please call us before booking on 01257 483 999. We will not normally take appointments for boots purchased elsewhere at weekends.

Payment is taken on the day.

Choose this appointment if you already have boots, either from us or from another retailer, where you have some fit or comfort issues which require our knowledge and assistance.

These appointments last between one and two hours normally. In that time we will assess the boots compatibility to you now because your fit / measurements / needs can change over time since you originally had the boots fitted. We will investigate the cause of the issue and create an intervention plan to solve it. These interventions can sometimes require multiple visits, but not always.

The intervention plan may or may not include things you can do as an individual to help with the issues. Boot problems are not always product related. The skier could be the common denominator!

Our parameters for refitting that decide if we are willing to work on existing product. In general the boots have to be under 10 years old, be the type of boot the skier should be using and be within a size of what we measure the skier to be. This is not exhaustive but helps us decide early on what product is or is not worth working on and putting our name too. We conduct these checks for free and the clock on the appointment doesn't start until we agree to work on the product.

If you have purchased elsewhere then when we work on a boot we are essentially putting our name to them so we are careful about making sure that refitting the existing boots is the right thing to do for the client.

Please wear loose fitting trousers that can be rolled above the knee, no skirts (you have to stand on a mirror for part of the assessment process) or skinny jeans please! We need to be able to see the whole lower leg including the knee during assessment and footbed manufacture. Bring some ski socks with you and be prepared for us telling you that your socks are not good enough if they are a cheap tube or loop stitch type, they just won't cut it on the hill. We also need to see any footbeds you use day to day that are prescribed by a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist.

All appointments are subject to change for staffing issues etc Your appointment will be with either Graham or Andy at our discretion.

The cost for this service is from £100.

If you have any questions regarding the process or you are travelling a long way and would like to talk about the options available then please just give us a call on 01257 483 999.

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