Andy's Bio

I've been skiing a long time,  my first trip being probably 40 years ago with school. I ski as often as I can during the season and I'd say Austria is my favourite country with the USA a close second.


Mammoth Mountain in California and Mayrhofen are probably my favourite places but seriously any place with good snow and great beer is OK by me.


Graham and I met when he fitted me some boots for a trip to Canada in '05. We hit it off straight away and after having a great trip in the boots I came in the shop when it was in Horwich and offered him and his wife, Dawn, a meal on me at a restaurant I owned back then. From there we became mates and when I had decided to move on from the restaurant Graham asked if I'd like to work with him on the boot bench.


Obviously if your reading this you know I jumped at that and here we are 14 years later loving being part of the industry side of the sport I love.


I'm also Masterfit accredited and I really enjoy the problem solving part of the job. Getting someone skiing in comfort to the best of their ability is where it's at for me. It's also great that we have so much stock from almost every brand to choose from and that we test almost everything we sell. First hand experience can't be underestimated. 


If I'm not in the shop or on the slopes then I'm in my Bistro, Bridge 64 Kitchen and Bar on the marina at Garstang. Come and see me there for my other great passion, cooking great food!


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