Test Test Test and more Test. Oh and Drink!

Test Test Test and more Test. Oh and Drink!

An amazing week in Kuhtai testing the 22/3 ski range from every brand in the UK. I also ticked off a long held desire to take my 15 year old daughter with me testing skis and to put all her  race training to good use. Dad goals ticked!

Kuhtai is a great resort on the Tyrol that is low in skiable terrain but high in terrain quality. Although it hadn't snowed for a while the conditions were awesome, the pistes in particular were in great shape.

The test is an annual event but obviously the dreaded Corona had halted play for a few years so it was also a great opportunity to get everyone in the industry  together and spend time in the mountains again.

Ski testing is hard work but someone has to do it.

We do have a plan at these things though and ski in a syndicate with some other shops so we get through a lot of kit and have lots of different perspectives. We make sure we check everything and look at the gender angles too. Having ladies testing ladies skis is really important so its great to get that information from my own daughter (I'm unashamedly proud of how she handles her duties, she was awesome!)

Some great kit was available and we got through 59 pairs of skis between the two of us over 4 days of testing, so pretty full on. Coupled with the other guys we ski with I'd  say we were at over 200 skis tested. Not too shabby!

Highlights were:

Ladies Piste - Head Power Joy;

Mens Piste - Volkl Deacon 72 Black;

Ladies All Mountain - Volkl Yumi 84;

Mens All Mountain - Head Kore 99;

Ladies Touring - Dynafit Tour 88;

Mens Touring - Volkl Mantra V Werks.

Maybe a little Volkl heavy for us but we love how the factory finish the edges (1.5º base and 88º side angle) which makes them so user friendly. In fact we actually told the CEO of Volkl who skied for some runs with us on the test how much we liked the factory tune and he was pretty happy that his €10 Million investment in and edging machine was winning friends and influencing!

Great to be back. Great conditions. Great Kit. Great Company.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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